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In 1874, the Great Western Cattle Trail began as a commercial venture, providing much-needed income to Texas. Celebrate 150 years of the Trail by GETTING PAID to shop local. No bull, just rewards!

  • Customers: How to Get Rewards

    Customers: How to Get Rewards

    Decide to patronize an advertiser. Reserve a cash reward of $1.00 or more online, then verify with the advertiser at purchase. Some advertisers choose to offer larger rewards. When your reward account reaches $10 or more, request a check. Seven times each month a $7.00 bonus pops up. Don't miss that. Create a customer account now.

  • Businesses: How to Advertise

    Businesses: How to Advertise

    Businesses sign up for free and set a weekly budget of $49 or more for PFR ads (Pay For Results) at $3.50 per verified customer (based on either purchase or presence in your business), with a $1 reward going to the customer. Businesses pay for PFR ads only when the reward is verified by advertiser. High-value transaction businesses may choose to offer larger rewards to attract more customers. This advertising supports the promotional elements of the SHOPtheTRAIL campaign (events, billboards, flyers, and stories). Create an advertiser account now.

  • Towns: How to Participate

    Towns: How to Participate

    2024 is the 150th anniversary of the first cattle drive on the Great Western Cattle Trail. is a project to promote the Trail and businesses along it, backed by merchants, city councils, Chambers of Commerce, and Rotary Clubs. SHOPtheTRAIL includes a website for every participating town, as well as special events, press releases, billboards, and printed bag stuffers. A portion of each PFR verification ($0.30 per verification, up to $1000 per town) goes toward funding local Trail promotions and events. Contact us to learn more.

Commerce builds communities.

Sample billboard you might see on a highway near the Trail